What is more important when it comes to energy efficiency in homes?

The 2 most popular strategies to battle heat and cooling loss is making sure your HVAC services and products are top notch and running smooth. The other is having the best windows and doors properly installed and sealed to keep in the energy you want and block unwanted heat or cold from the outside.

Replacement windows are definitely a money saver. The average home loses up to 30% of it’s heating or cooling energy through it’s windows. So having quality windows installed can save you money every month on your HVAC costs.

They can also look very nice too and you can pick different color frames and special glass types like “Low-E” glass that is super energy efficient. It keeps in the temperature you want and blocks the unwanted elements.

When choosing which type of replacement glass doors or windows you are looking for ask the company doing the work about any energy saving benefits. Are they using all the top quality energy star approved materials? What will be the total cost and then take a look at your bill and see how long it will take to see a positive return on investment.

This day and age of saving on energy costs, you really can’t make a mistake with replacing your current windows with new energy efficient dual pane vinyl windows at your home or business. So just remember that HVAC heating and cooling is very important, but making sure you tackle this problem from all angles will save you money in the long run.

Hope these home improvement tips helped. If you have any suggestions or personal experience you would like to share on this topic be sure to let us know.